Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons

Our private Guitar lessons includes Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Bass Guitar, Ukulele plus Banjo and Mandolin. There are over a dozen Guitar teachers at The Music Collection, this large faculty allows us to offer just about every style; rock, blues, jazz, country, folk, classical, Spanish and more. We suggest children wait until they are seven before starting Guitar lessons. We will occasionally accept six year olds after a trial lesson, but younger children don’t have the hand size or strength to properly play a guitar. If your child is under 7, Ukulele is a great starter. Of course lessons are not only for children, and are also available for adults and seniors.

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Guitar Overview:
Ages: 7 and up, beginners and up
Start Date: Any time throughout the year
Length: 30 minutes, hours available
Exam Prep: Available, but optional
Locations: St. John’s, Mount Pearl, Online
Guitar Types: Acoustic, Classical, Electric, Bass

Guitar and Bass Guitar Teachers

don boland
Don Boland - Piano, Guitar and Bass Guitar

Don Boland is a very positive influence in the art of learning. He is a professional studio musician and has owned and operated a recording studio for over 30 years. Written and performed music for TV and various Media forms. As a multi-instrumentalist Don focuses on teaching piano/guitar/bass and trumpet. All of his students are taught how to read music-how to develop their ear for music-how to improvise and the practical application of music theory. Students have the option of preparing for music exams and Kiwanis Music Festival. Many of Don’s students have to gone on to University to further study music. He has taught all ages from 5-75 years old.

darryl collins
Darryl Collins - Guitar, Classical Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele

Darryl holds a B.Mus. with honours from St. Xavier University. He offers over 25 years of teaching experience in all styles of guitar, bass, accordion, banjo, ukulele and mandolin. He has taught students from the age of 5 to seniors. He has experience in many styles including rock, country, folk, fingerstyle, jazz, classical, and improvisation. He has written two guitar books, one on technique and the other on jazz styles. Darryl has also taught the secondary guitar course at Memorial University. He performs regularly around town with local bands "Miss Conduct" and "The Outfit".

leanne kean
Leanne Kean - Voice, Guitar

Leanne obtained her “Voice Technique & Musicianship” specialist certification from Berklee College Of Music (based in Boston, MA) in 2013 which focused on vocal technique, music theory and ear-training. She recently attended the “Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop 2018” (acquiring the professional development course on campus) at the Boston Conservatory. She enjoys teaching many contemporary genres; including pop, (classic) rock, soul, folk, NL, musical theatre & jazz. She performs in the local music scene through-out the year as a solo singer for many different venues (weddings, dinner music, local productions, pub matinees, corporate parties, tribute shows, back-up vocals, sporting events & fundraisers) She was a showcased singer for “Our Divas Do Christmas” in 2006/2016/2017. She was also a featured performer in local shows such as; The “NSO Silver Ball” The “Frosty Festival” and touring theatre shows “Summer Of Love”, “How Sweet It Is; James Taylor” and “1975”. She has an extensive background and formal training in voice, piano and acoustic guitar and was an active competitor on a provincial/national level for several years. She was also the lead singer for a well-known local band, “Miss Conduct” (a top 40 cover band) playing in the downtown scene from 2011-2013. She thoroughly enjoys working with kids and teens in helping them hone their skills and encouraging them to express themselves. Her lessons include the focus on singing technique, diaphragmatic breathing, body alignment, physical relaxation, diction & vowel articulation, overcoming performance anxiety, confidence building, theory for singers, and maintaining vocal health. She also provides beginner guitar lessons for vocalists who want to learn how to accompany themselves through the use of chords, finger-picking/strumming techniques, easy guitar tab, beginner theory, and learning how to sing and play at the same time.

Allan Locke
Allan Locke - Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Pop/Rock Voice

Allan Locke attained a B.Mus. in Theory/Composition from MUN in 2005, whereby he was named to the Director's List "in recognition of sustained academic and musical excellence". His primary instrument at MUN was classical guitar, though he sings and plays many other instruments proficiently. Allan has been teaching at the Music Collection for ten years, and he has been performing, writing, and recording all types of music for almost twenty years. Allan has performed with many musical ensembles, including the MUN Jazz Band and the MUN Festival Choir, and he currently plays with the band Miss Conduct. Allan has also attained a Master of Employment Relations degree from MUN in 2010.

Rob Pittman Drum Teacher
Rob Pittman - Drum Kit, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Double Bass

Rob Pittman is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide-ranging musical background spanning over twenty years. He has performed bluegrass, hard rock, opera, and everything in between across Canada and around the world. Currently, Rob plays drums for Women of Rock, guitar for That ‘90s Band, and works as a studio musician recording, producing, and mixing for a wide range of artists. Rob spends his spare time cycling and spending time with his pets.

rowan sherlock
Rowan Sherlock - Piano, Violin/Fiddle, Viola, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele, String Ensemble

2021 Music NL nominee for ‘Music Educator of The Year’, Rowan Sherlock is a trained Classical violinist and pianist; having studied his craft in Waterford Institute of Technology Music School in Ireland for over 20 years, he then went on to undertake a BA in Music Composition and Classical violin performance, then followed by completing his MA in Music Composition under the tuition of the acclaimed Irish composer Dr Marian Ingoldsby. Rowan has in the past lead such orchestras as the South Eastern Region Youth Orchestra, the W.I.T Youth Orchestra, and has also toured internationally with the National Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ireland. He has performed with acclaimed Irish groups ‘In The Willows’, ‘Gypsi Swing’ as well as well-known Irish traditional band ‘Newfoundland’ with whom he has toured with extensively. Currently a member of local band Rugged Shores, Rowan has worked as a violin, piano and music theory teacher in schools across the South-East of Ireland as well as performing nationally with various groups. Rowan has performed on stage with many well-known musicians such as Duke Special, Nicola Benedetti and Dame Evelyn Glennie.

matt snow
Matt Snow - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele

Matt Snow has 17 years experience playing both bass and guitar and is able to effectively teach students of all ages and skill levels. Through his years of study and performance, Matt is well versed in a wide range of musical styles from jazz and blues to hard rock and metal. Matt is able to offer advanced musical theory instruction in the areas of scale / chord relationships, key development and analysis, modal and CAGED theory and improvisation. Matt also has a minor in Musicology from Memorial University of Newfoundland that is centered on theory, rudiments, instrumentation analysis, ear training and transcription.

joe tucker
Joe Tucker - Guitar, Ukulele, Bass

Joe began his guitar playing career at the tender age of 13. He has played with various choir, jazz bands and musical productions in his teenage years. In his last year of high school he formed the rock band Roundelay with his best buds and took on the role of lead singer and guitarist. Although the rhythm section of this band currently resides in bc, they have still managed to work together on new material and are able to gig when the stars align. Other bands include alternative rockers Another North, alt-country rockers Youngtree and the Blooms, rowdy grease rockers the Corroborators and the band Presto Magic which covers everything from modern indie rock to classic rhythm and blues. Primary roles in each band are lead guitar and in most cases backing vocals. In addition to these main gigs he plays regularly as a sit in with Mark Bragg, as a bass player with Len O'Neil and friends and as lead guitarist for "grieve a diva" (Aretha Franklin tribute). Joe has been teaching guitar for over 15 years at the Music Collection and has since added Ukulele and Bass guitar to the roster. He is a self proclaimed borderline music theory nerd and holds a BA with a major in philosophy and a minor in psych.

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