Music Instrument Brands

Below are a some of the many great music instrument and accessory brands we carry.
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Featured Guitar Brands

  • Alvarez Guitars
    Full Range of Acoustic Guitars and Ukuleles Shop now
  • Beaver Creek
    Great starter Guitars, Banjos, Mandolins and more. Shop now
  • Cort
    Acoustic, Electric, Bass Guitars Shop now
  • Eden Bass Amps
    Bass Guitar Amps and Multi Instrument Amps Shop now
  • G and L Guitars
    Leo Fender designed and inspired Electric, Bass Guitars Shop now
  • Ibanez
    Ibanez offers electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, effect and pedals, amps. Shop now
  • Lag Guitars
    Amps for Electrics, Acoustics, Bass, Pedals and more Shop now
  • Laney Amps
    Amps for Electrics, Acoustics, Bass, Pedals and more Shop now
  • Amps, Bass Guitars and more Shop now
  • Takamine Guitars
    Great range of Acoustic Guitars and more Shop now
  • Washburn Guitars
    Full range of Acoustics, Electrics plus Basses and Folk Shop now

Plus pedals from Laney Black Country CustomsBBE Sound, Digitech, MXR, Pigtronix – Accessories from D’Addario, Dunlop, Kyser, Rodam, Korg and more.

Featured Drum Brands

  • Ludwig Drums Musser Percussion
    The most famous name on drums Shop now
  • Sabian Cymbals
    Canadian made cymbals plus drum accessories Shop now
  • Tycoon Percussion
    Hand Percussion Products Shop now

Plus Majestic Marching Percussion, Gon Bops Percussion, Latin Percussion, Toca Percussion. Sticks and accessories from Gibraltar, Ludwig, Vic Firth, Zildjian, ProMark, Regal Tip, Vater, Remo, Evans.

Band & Orchestra

  • Glaesel
    Mid to Pro Violins, Violas, Cellos, Bass Shop now
  • Holton
    Horns and Low Brass Shop now
  • Scherl and Roth Strings
    Violins, Cellos, Bass, with 5 year warranties Shop now
  • Selmer
    Clarinets, Saxophones, Woodwinds Shop now

Plus King Brass, Leblanc Woodwinds, and Yanagisawa Saxophones. Accessories from Conn-Selmer, Rico, Hamilton, Manhasset, Primo, Mollard, Denis Wick, Neotech, Harmon.

More Brands

  • HohnerArmstrong Flutes
    Accordions, Harmonicas, Ukuleles Shop now
  • Korg
    Digital Pianos, Tuners and more
  • Samson Technologies
    Portable PAs, Microphones, MIDI Controllers and more Shop now

Plus CAD Audio, Kurzweil, Casio and many more.

Brands currently not available online are coming soon, but in he meantime are available for order by phone or in store. Don’t see the brand you’re looking for?   Please contact us to find out if we have it!

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