Laney Black Country Custom MONOLITH Distortion Pedal


  • Handcrafted in the UK
  • 3 different MODES
  • Excellent consistent load for passive Volume pedals
  • 3 modes based on classic sounds
  • Solid metal chassis construction
  • Tri-colour LED showing mode of operation
  • Silent switching
  • Low battery consumption

In stock (can be backordered)


Black Country Customs is a range of pedals created by Laney Amplification. A big name in the amp world, Laney have been a British company since its founding in 1967. Laney are furthering this British tradition with their Black Country Customs pedals which are all handcrafted in the UK.

Each pedal is the result of hours of dedicated testing and listening and are constructed with high-quality components. Built to last, the Black Country Customs pedals are designed to provide you with high-quality sounds for a long time.

Designed to give the player a total command and control over a spectrum of different gains and harmonic distortions from Classic fat rock tones to jangly indie lines, and everything in between.

The MONOLITH delivers expressive gain even at low levels.

With a very pleasing dynamic response to pick attack the harder you dig, the more expressive it gets.  Even at high gain level,when you hit it hard you can still hear every note of big chords as well as the nuances of intricate lead lines.

With four control knobs and a 3-way mode switch, the Monolith gives you a great level of control over your distorted sound. With the tone control, you can take your sound from warm and smooth to a brighter, more biting tone. The range control allows you to reduce the amount of low-end before distortion which is ideal if you have a thicker tone and want it to be more defined and articulate. With the volume control, you can adjust how hard you’re pushing the amp and the distortion control can alter the amount of sustain and, of course, distortion.

The 3-way mode switch can quickly and easily alter the dynamics of your sound. The “D1” mode is a heavily compressed distortion which is great for a more biting, articulate tone. “D2” is a soft compression distortion for looser, thicker tone, and the “OD” mode is a soft, open sounding overdrive for pushing the front end of your amplifier.