Instrument Repairs and Service

The Music Collection offers a wide range of music instrument repairs and maintenance services for Brass, Woodwind, Stringed Instruments, Guitars, Drums, and Percussion at great prices. All repairs are done by highly skilled local technicians. Free estimates are available for Guitar, Violin and Drum Repairs.


We’re open not only weekdays and Saturday, but we’re also open most weeknights to 9:00 and even Sundays (Torbay Road). Repairs may be dropped off and picked up at either of our two locations.

Some of our repair services include

  • Guitar string replacement and tuning
  • Guitar set-ups and adjustments
  • Brass and Woodwind repairs
  • Brass and Woodwind cleaning
  • Violin and other stringed instruments set-ups
  • Violin and other stringed instrument string change and tuning
  • Drum head change and tuning for concert drums, marching drums or drum kits.
  • Drum part replacement
  • Instrument appraisals
  • and many more…