Music Collection and Dance Corner Canada

Performances and Recitals

The Music Collection Recitals

The Music Collection features at least two recitals per school year.  The first is usually the first or second Sunday in December, while the second is often on the first Sunday of June.   These performances provide an opportunity for family and friends to hear how students have progressed in their lessons. Students learn how to present themselves to an audience while helping to increase their self-confidence. The recitals are always optional, but all Music Collection students are encouraged and welcome to perform.

Recitals are spread throughout the recital day. We plan out each recital to be approximately one hour or less in length and make arrangements so siblings and other family taking lessons with us all perform in one recital. The start times of the recitals happen throughout the day between Noon and 9:00 PM.   Each recital session is held at Memorial University’s School of Music.

Other Performance Opportunities and Exams

There are many other opportunities for students to perform.  Our students have performed at seniors homes, sporting events, Santa Claus Parades and more. Many will choose to perform in the Kiwanis Music Festival held every late February.   Some will study to complete a Conservatory Canada or Royal Conservatory of Music examination.   Select levels of these exam programs are provincially recognized and qualify for High School credit.

Private Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

& Bass Guitar+

Violin Lessons

Violin, Cello, Viola, Fiddle


+ Percussion

Woodwind and Brass Lessons

Woodwind, Brass


Mandolin, Banjo +

Ensembles & Groups

Enabling students a chance to apply their skills in a group, rehearsing and performing together. Inspiring, yet fun and informal. Drumline, Vocal Performance, Rock Band or Ukelele.