Music Collection and Dance Corner Canada

Group Music Lessons

Music Collection offers various group lessons throughout the year.   This includes several different ensembles designed to inspire and develop students skills further by providing them with the opportunity to rehearsal and perform in various groups.  All of our groups are informal and fun, yet students learn new songs, improvisation and various other techniques.  Each group may also perform throughout the year including our own Recitals. Rehearsals for each group are once a week.

Concert Band Ensemble

Concert Band Ensemble

10+ Years Old
For Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Players

Directed by Robyn Stacey

Robyn has over 10 years of experience as a music educator, students will have the opportunity to experience the joys and intricacies of ensemble performance. As students practice and perform together they will learn to play as part of a concert band while also growing individual skills. With experience teaching groups and individuals, Robyn is uniquely suited to help your children learn these essential group skills while also focusing on each child’s unique needs and skills. Musicians will learn and grow upon skills in performance, note reading, rhythm, and expression. Minimum 1 year experience or equivalent proficiency on their chosen instrument required.

$70 per month, 50 minute weekly sessions

Saturdays 1:30 - Torbay Road Studios

Melodic Minors

Melodic Minors

Early Age Music Classes in Small Groups

Infants: 4 months to 2 years
Toddlers: 2 to 4 years
Preschool: 3 to 5 years

Overview for all levels:
  • Develop social skills and meet friends
  • Aid motor development
  • Increase coordination and dexterity
  • Learn early to beginner music concepts
  • Learn early to beginner music concepts
  • Develop language skills through singing and call & response
  • Aid cognitive development, problem solving, early math skills
  • Give confidence and grows self-esteem
  • Nurture creativity

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$70 per month - weekly sessions of 45 minute for Infants & Toddlers, 50 minutes for Preschool

Infants: Wednesdays 11:30 - Torbay Road
Toddlers: Thursdays 10:30 - Torbay Road
Preschoolers: Wed 1:10-2:00 or Thurs 11:30 - Torbay Road

Rock Band

Rock Band

10 & up
Guitar, Drum, Bass, Keyboard and Vocal students welcome

Directed by Matt Snow
Learn the elements of live rock performance. This group will learn and practice together as a band to build a set for live performance. Players must be at an intermediate to advanced level on their instrument as an active understanding of music theory and techniques will be necessary to learn the songs. While this group would focus initially on well known rock covers, there may be the opportunity to work on original compositions.
$60 per month, 50 minute weekly sessions

Tuesdays 8:00 - Torbay Road
Wednesdays 8:00 - Torbay Road
Saturdays 5:00 - Torbay Road

Rock Starts

Rock STARts

7-10 Years Old
For Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano and Ukulele players

Directed by Matt Snow

  • No group experience necessary
  • For young students who are currently learning an instrument to explore it in a band setting
  • One on one & group instruction focusing on reading music, rhythms, techniques specific to their instrument.
  • Games & activities to build musical skills while encouraging group interaction

If you're looking for a fun and low pressure introduction to the rock and roll life, join us today as we go from the studio to the stage with Rock STARts!

$60 per month, 50 minute weekly sessions

Saturdays 4:00 - Torbay Road Studios


Drum Line

10 & up: 2 groups available

The award winning Music Collection Drumline under the direction of Bryan Efford is known throughout the area for its performances in various Parades, Sport and other Events. Start with the Junior Group where previous beginner drum lessons are recommended, but no experience in playing in a Drumline is required. For more advanced players with previous Drumline experience there's the Senior Group. For Senior group an audition or previous enrollment in the Junior Group is required.
$60 per month weekly school year sessions.

Juniors, Saturdays 4:00
Seniors, Saturdays 3:00
St. Andrew's Church - Queen's Road

Music Theatre

Music Theatre

8-14 Years Old
Weekly classes that integrate Music, Drama, and Dance

Directed by Julianne Meaney

  • Group and solo repertoire
  • Learn songs, establish solos & harmonies
  • Repertoire from both modern pop musicals and throwback classics
  • Exercises and activities that develop acting skills and technique
  • Group skits and monologues
  • Students will gain confidence in public speaking & emotional expression
  • Develop choreography and establish blocking to go with each song

$60 per month, 50 minute weekly sessions

Fridays 4:00 - Torbay Road Studios

Celtic Group

Celtic Group

Piano/Keyboard, Guitar, Violin, Voice, Mandolin, Banjo, Bodhran

Learn traditional Irish and Newfoundland music in a fun and relaxed group setting on a weekly basis. Future public performances are possible. Basic knowledge of your instrument is required. $60 per month for weekly 50 minute sessions

Group 1: 10-17 Years, Saturday 2:00
Group 2: 18+ Years, Saturday 3:00

Song Writing

Song Writing

13 - 18 years

  • Learn how to write songs individually, as well as collaboratively within a group
  • Recognize and write different sections of a song
  • Riffs using scales, and chord progressions using keys
  • Write lyrics that are creative and meaningful

Saturdays at Noon: Torbay Road

Private Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

& Bass Guitar+

Violin Lessons

Violin, Cello, Viola, Fiddle


+ Percussion

Woodwind and Brass Lessons

Woodwind, Brass


Mandolin, Banjo +