Music Lessons: Frequently Asked Questions

Our rates vary by each instructor’s individual experience and level of education.   Prices range from $21 to $28 per half hour and are HST exempt.

This varies typically by the physical requirements to play each type of instrument. 4 and up can often start with Piano or Ukulele. 5 years old is a good age to start Voice, Violin or Drums. For Guitar our instructors recommend it’s best to wait until 7 years old, but sometimes will take 6 year olds after an assessment. For most Band Instruments such as Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone it’s best to wait till age 10 or Grade 5. A child’s lungs are typically not strong enough for these instruments until then.

Yes! It’s never too late to start to learn music or even get back to playing again after years away from your instrument. We have had students right up to their nineties enjoy lessons at Music Collection. Learning materials more geared towards adults are available. We even offer lessons on select instruments during weekday mornings and lunch hours in addition to our usual afternoon/evenings and weekends.

At any time! The great thing about private music lessons is you can start pretty well any week of the year. You only need to choose an available time, then register to begin lessons. All we ask is you fully register at least one day before your first lesson so we have time to properly inform your instructor you will be attending.

To get the most out of your lessons you should practice between sessions. So yes you will need an instrument to use at home and for your own use in the lesson. The exceptions are Piano and Drums which are provided at the Studio. The staff and instructors at Music Collection can help you choose the right instrument at the right size to suit you right in our store. Not sure about making a long term investment yet? Music Collection also offers excellent rental instruments at a great monthly rate. We also offer payment plans on purchases. Piano students without a Piano at home could purchase or rent a Keyboard or Digital Piano with at least 61 touch-sensitive keys.

Everyone progresses differently when learning an instrument. While everyone wants quick results, but learning music should be looked at as a long term process that can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. Music can be rewarding and fun yet admittedly will require some patience from time to time. Students who practice regularly will see results more quickly, so it’s important for parents of students to encourage regular practice and recognize there has to be a level of commitment to learning music.

Music Collection typically offers two sets of recitals and other performance opportunities for students throughout the year. Participation in recitals is encouraged and open to all students regardless of age and skill level, but is still completely optional. Preparation for Festivals such as the Kiwanis festival or Royal Conservatory of Music Exams are also completely optional yet very much available. Royal Conservatory of Music Exams at the higher levels can be used towards Newfoundland and Labrador high school credits.

The registration fee is used to cover various up front administrative and setup expenses. We feel it’s better charge the same up front cost no matter which date you start lessons during the year. If we added these fees into the regular lesson rate most students would end up paying more than someone who signs up for less lessons. So it helps to keep our lesson rates as low and as fair as possible. We have two fee rates, per person or per family. If you sign the same person up for two instruments, for example Piano and Guitar, you will be only charged one fee for the year, even if you add the additional instrument or group session later on in the year. For families we only charge up to a maximum of one and three-quarters of the single person fee. So if two or more members of a household sign up you pay less than the equivalent of two fees for the registration.

Our monthly payment plan is just that, a payment plan. The charges go towards paying the total number of lessons stated on your Registration. Typically this total is based on the balance of lessons left for the School Year when you signed up.

Monthly charges come out on the first of each month.  The amount is the same regardless of the amount of lessons in that month or the previous month.  Some months students will receive 4, 3, or even 5 lessons, but the amount charged that month remains the same. This makes the payments much easier to follow for both students and Music Collection.

Private Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons

& Bass Guitar+

Violin Lessons

Violin, Cello, Viola, Fiddle

Woodwind and Brass Lessons

Woodwind, Brass


+ Percussion


Mandolin, Banjo +

Ensembles & Groups

Enabling students a chance to apply their skills in a group, rehearsing and performing together. Inspiring, yet fun and informal. Drumline, Vocal Performance, Rock Band or Ukelele.

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