Pointe Shoe Fitting

Dancing en pointe is a exciting and memorable time for every dancer. A great fitting Pointe shoe is the first step to having a safe and enjoyable experience en pointe. The Dance Corner offers a large selection of brands, styles, sizes and widths of Pointe shoes in stock daily. We understand that having an improper fitting pointe shoe is not only frustrating, but dangerous for the dancer. As a sign of our commitment for a proper fitting we only have select senior staff authorized to do a Pointe shoe fitting. The Dance Corner’s Pointe shoe specialists have each trained in the art of pointe fitting through courses, workshops and apprenticeship in store.

Here are some tips and guidelines for a successful Pointe Shoe fitting:

Talk to your teacher
Find out from your teacher which accessories they recommend such as gel pads, lambs wool, toe tape etc.
As a parent, please ensure the teacher has given the go ahead to purchase pointe shoes. A student must have the strength and experience when starting pointe to avoid any injuries.

Book an appointment
Prior to visiting the store, you should call to book an appointment to ensure that a fitting specialist is available.  Walk in customers will not be guaranteed a fitting, as fitting specialists are not always on hand or available. We would also be happy to arrange group fittings after hours, or by availability based on a minimum of 4 students. Contact information is available at the end of this article.

Arrive for your Pointe Shoe Fitting prepared
Have your toenails cut short and blisters or sores bandaged. Bring any accessories that you plan to wear in your Pointe shoes. (Gel pads and so on will dramatically alter fit.) Wear convertible tights when possible. Please arrive on time as there may be another appointment following yours.

Bring your current pair of shoes
If you have been en pointe before and are purchasing a new pair, a Pointe shoe specialist can gain insight into characteristics you specifically require in your new pair simply by examining the previous shoes. It is easier for you to explain what you like or dislike when you and the Pointe shoe specialist can look at them together.

Be patient
All Pointe shoe fittings, especially your first, can take 15-60 minutes. Trial and error is the best way to ensure a successful fit. It is not uncommon to try on numerous pairs of shoes. Dancers need to feel and understand why a shoe is not a good fit, in order to begin to feel for themselves what is a proper fitting shoe. At the Dance Corner we consider what happens once a pointe shoe breaks in. A common mistake with some other fitters is fitting the shoe too wide before the break in period.

All Pointe shoes are not made alike
Every Pointe shoe has a different design and specific benefits. Many variables need to be considered to ensure a proper fit. Do not choose a shoe because you want a certain style, brand or colour. What is good for the feet of the dancer next to you may not be good for yours.

Ask questions
Take advantage of your Pointe shoe specialist’s expertise. Find out what they think about the fit of the shoes you are trying on. A good Pointe shoe specialist will educate you on how a proper fit should feel and look. If you ever notice issues while en pointe, we would be more than happy to discuss different solutions with you.

Trust your feet
It can be surprising how strange and foreign Pointe shoes feel. They will never be described as comfortable. However you should not experience pain, piercing, pinching, curled toes or numb feet when trying on Pointe shoes. We do not allow for growing room in pointe shoes as it is important for them to support your foot as much as possible.

Enjoy the experience
It’s a little girl’s dream to become a graceful ballerina. Your years of hard work and dedication have prepared you to get on your toes and join the elite world en pointe.

How to book a Pointe Shoe Fitting
Fittings are only available at our Torbay Road location.   Please call us at 738-2982 to book an appointment.   It’s best to call rather than email as appointment times may fill before we  confirm a booking between receiving and replying to your email.

We here at The Dance Corner wish you the very best in this exciting next stage of ballet.