Cort ACTION-PJ-OPW Bass Guitar Walnut


  • Double Cutaway
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Poplar Body – makes it great for beginners
  • Canadian Hard Maple Neck
  • Powersound PJ Pickup Set: PSEB4-4/F & PSEB1-4/R Pickups
  • Beveled Heal Bolt On Neck
  • 24 Frets, 34″ Scale
  • Open pore Black or Walnut Finish

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Cort ACTION-PJ-OPW Bass Guitar Walnut

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Affordable but loaded with quality materials, components and craftsmanship, the Action Series basses define value for the aspiring bass player with versatile features as PJ, JJ and soapbar pickup options

PJ Pickup Set

The P-type bass pickup is ideal for genres such as hard rock, classic rock and Motown while the J-type pickup is well-suited for jazz and pop. This combination provides a wealth of classic bass sounds for virtually any musical genre and style

Ergonomic body shape

Found only on the Action Series basses, the ergonomic body shape, which fuses the best elements of classic and modern designs, was designed to reduce fatigue and enhance playability for extended playing sessions.

Open Pore Finish

The open pore finishes bring out the natural beauty of the woods on the Action PJ while improving the acoustic resonance of the instrument.

Light Weight

The well-seasoned woods provide lighter weight for extended playing and practice sessions – making the instrument suitable for both beginners and female players.

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